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Cutting the mirabelle tree: How to educate, rejuvenate and light it


Straight growth, strong branches and a lot of sweet fruits: with the right pruning of the mirabelle tree, that's no problem. But be careful: there are a number of things to consider.

Use the scissors wisely. Using the secateurs and pruning the mirabelle tree as you wish is not a good idea. You don't have to be surprised if it hardly bears fruit or grows bulky. You should know that there are three different types of cuts.

A basic distinction is made between the upbringing cut in the growth phase, the annual clearing cut and the rejuvenation cut of neglected trees. But don't worry, it sounds more complicated than it actually is.

Education section

With the educational cut, you model a young mirabelle tree in the growth phase like an artist's work of art. The goals are upright growth and an open, even crown with harmoniously distributed branches.

➜ Proceed as follows for the parenting cut:

Do not touch the main shoot from which the tree trunk develops. You remove competitors of the main shoot, because the mirabelle tree should only form one trunk, not several trunks. Choose healthy, strong side shoots at the same height as the main branches. The fruit-bearing branches later grow on these leading branches. Remove all shoots growing below the main branches.


You perform the annual clearing cut of adult mirabelle trees in the summer after the harvest. The tree is best able to cope with cuts and to close quickly. After pruning, the sunlight should be able to reach all fruit-bearing branches unhindered.

➜ Proceed as follows for the thinning cut:

As a rule of thumb, note that only 20 percent of the branches can be removed per cut. You will usually get by with less and still get a good result. Must be cut off:

  • Dead wood as well as dry and dry branches
  • branches growing, crossing and growing inwards or downwards
  • Water shooter (high, straight, soft shoots inside the crown)

Rejuvenation pruning

The taper cut is a radical pruning of a mirabelle tree that has been left to its own devices for a long time and has literally gone out of shape. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to completely correct a tree that has grown together for years. In these cases, however, the taper cut makes sense and is important.

➜ Proceed as follows for the taper cut:

First, check which branch combination together with the upper trunk section comes closest to the ideal of an open crown with evenly distributed guide branches. All branches that stand in the way of this picture will be removed. You won't get far with garden or rose shears. A jigsaw does a better job.

Take your time while doing the taper cut. Always look at the intermediate result from a distance. It is better to use the saw less than not being able to correct a careless cut.